3D Na’Tee Powerful Storyteller

I came across 3D Na’Tee on Sway’s Universe. Don’t let her curves fool you, she got beauty and barz. With so much wisdom and life experience in her lyrics, you can’t help but become an instant fan. I know I was. Here were some of the lyrics that caught my attention:

Could’a went to Yale/Instead I made a sale and got a scholarship to jail…

Another verse

Times I felt unoticed while she fell for sobreity/ so I hid behind the drug dealer inside of me/ so you can understand why I turned down Tim and them/ use to serve so much that I could’a went to Wimbledon

If 3D Na’Tee had the right marketing strategy and move, she will become one of the biggest stars and influential voices of our time.

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3 thoughts on “3D Na’Tee Powerful Storyteller

  1. NguyeningDreamz says:

    I’ve never heard of her before, but her flow is nice. The hook is good. I would love to read the lyrics to this because she has so many great lines. “I almost died in that water like Mrs. Whitney did.” “Instruments like keys” – drugs and instruments (Swizz Beatz). “got that scholarship to jail”, wow.

    1. justbarz says:

      Yea those lines got me too. Lots of puns, similies and metaphors. Thanks for your comment and feedback. If you have not already rated her, that would be great if you could.

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