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Our Story

Here at JustBarz, we appreciate you stopping by. Below is a little history about the founder of this website.

Channbunmorl (Chom) Sou is the son of refugees from Cambodia. His family experiences living in the U.S. as refugees has shaped his passion and love for Hip Hop music and culture. He doesn’t remember his first Hip Hop song, but he definitely remembers the song that made the most impact. It was Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama”. The song resonated with his experiences of appreciating his parents, living in poverty and having close friends and family members in gangs.

Chom created this website because his story of being Cambodian (Khmer) in America is not often portrayed in mainstream media, but Hip Hop was a subculture in America that gave him and his peers a voice and a positive outlet. Chom soon realized that his experiences were not unique and wanted to create a platform for other individuals to share their story and their voice. As a result, the idea of JustBarz was created in 2013, then came the development of the website in 2016.

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The mission of JustBarz is to create a platform for talented MC’s to be discovered and help them increase their views and fan base. We want to:

  • Focus on JUST- THE-BARZ
  • Only technically skilled MC’s will be featured on our website

At JustBarz, we are NOT just about promoting undiscovered talent, but we are also about uplifting people and communities. We will focus on highlighting individuals and organizations that are creating positive change.

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