D.U.B.B: I strive for a better life!

D.U.B.B is definitely an MC that we all must watch out for. One of his most recent projects, “Perfect Timing” is serendipitous. His personal story and analyses of his experience and of his community was profound. This song, “Middle America” is very relatable to many people who are still struggling and just want to live a life where they don’t have to worry money. His verses and chorus works in such perfect harmony. The concept of his chorus is brilliant:

Middle America/ I would like to have an affair with cha/

If you be my first date/I might say fuck it and marry ya.

Yea. Middle America/ I would like to have an affair with cha/

If you let me be your baby. heh. I’ll fuck around and take care of ya/

I come from the bottom bottom/yea we got alotta..dreams/

But the dreams aint pampering my daughter/they won’t wipe the tears from my mama.

When I gotta hit the block with that thang for the bocka/ cuz niggas don’t love us. nah. bitches don’t love us/

But don’t judge a book by its cover/cuz my Niggas ain’t fake

You can look at my face/you know I treat you so good on the hood

If you ever come around my wayyy… aye x4

The concept of trying to someday “marry” middle class is very poetic and powerful because those of us who aren’t there yet still strive to get there. Sometimes even when you work hard, you still might not even get there.

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