Kurupt: The OG Lyricist

I wanted to pay respect to Kurupt one of the most underrated lyricist. I think his skill and talent was often overlooked by mainstream media because he never had the commercial success that Snoop did. However, if you listen to his lyrics and break it down, his vocabulary is demonstrative (showing proof) how great of a lyricist he really is. He came out with the knock-out punch in this song :

It’s the incredible/ the lyrical
You can’t be me/ like Niece/ to see me/ is gonna take a miracle
I’m driving motherfuckers hysterical/ with a
touch of this twister/ stylistic mixture/
What I create pulsates/ there is no escape
Annihilate your mental mindstate/
Dre labels my vocabulary abusive/
I packs more knowledge than Confucius/ I’m deadly
Induce you like Medusa

As you can hear, his creative metaphors, similes and word play hits you at every line. If you never heard of Kurupt, I hope this post will make you appreciate his “Barz In History” that much more. Tell me your thoughts by becoming a Reviewer.

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Overall talent as an MC
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