Passion of the Aphiniti!

Man, what can I say about Aphiniti! She killed this cypher on Sway in the Morning. It seems like most of what she rapped was off the top of the dome. I never seen someone with so much passion and dedication to the art form. I definitely look forward to seeing what she has in stored for the future.

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One thought on “Passion of the Aphiniti!

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    Aphiniti is reppin from the state of the champs. I can definitely hear how hungry she is to get an opportunity on sway, but shes still really chill and humble. When the beat drops I can hear how passionate she is about her craft and she takes it seriously. At the beginning her voice sounds like Weezy and threw his name somewhere in the freestyle. He must be someone she looks up to. There are times when it looks like she just caught the spirit with her eyes clothes and her hands up, I was ready to say oh Lord. I like how she was able to change her voice and flow to keep it interesting, something Jay-Z does well. Its definitely tough going off the top of the dome like she did, for as long as the beat was running, so respect to her for that because a lot of spitters go on sway with writtens. No lines really caught me and made me say wow though, but probably cause she was just spitting without any topics or enemies on her mind. She did sound really hard though, she would be raw in a battle. She didn’t get that mic slapped away from Sway, but nice up and coming artist.

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