Becoming A Reviewer

As a contributor, you are valued as an important member of the JustBarz family and community. We strive for your critical feedback and opinion on the different artists featured on our site. To learn more about becoming a contributor, click on “Becoming A Contributor” above or underneath the contributor tab.

Reviewer Of The Month!

Purpose: To highlight a dedicated contributor that adds value to the JustBarz community by providing:

  1. Constructive feedback on each artist
    1. Feedback does not put down artists, but makes the artists better
    2. Feedback is thorough and thoughtful
  2. Consistently logs on to the site and rates artist
  3. Believes in the work of JustBarz

As “Reviewer of the Month,” you will get

  1. The opportunity to write a blog post published under your name.
  2. Get free t-shirt that has their user name indicating contributor of the month

Click on the link “Contributor of the Month” to learn about our most top contributors.