Smooth flow Heather B

Heather B is an OG in the rap game. I first her on SWAY In The Morning radio show doing an off the dome freestyle with Snoop. She is also a regular co-host on SWAY. After seeing her freestyle with Snoop, I decided to google her. I found out that she used to be on the reality TV show: The Real World. Unfortunately, she was more well known for being on The Real World than being an MC. I think Heather B is one of the smoothest and realest on the MIC.

Even though she had been praised for her lyrical ability, she never garnered that much commercial success. Surprise..surprise, someone that can really rap doesn’t get famous or acknowledged in mainstream media. If you can’t tell, I was being sarcastic. I believe her not being known was largely due to her being a woman and wearing jeans. It is a shame that someone without skills can become more well known than someone who’s a beast on the MIC.

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