Speakz Goes Off!

I came across Speakz years ago on Dumbfoundead’s YouTube page (DFD will be on this page). To me, Speakz is one of the most technically skilled rappers that I have seen in the last 5 years. His punch lines, similes and wit will have you in amazement. Before this video, I didn’t know that he was ghost writing for artists, but it definitely makes sense.

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One thought on “Speakz Goes Off!

  1. 411mediatalk.com says:

    He’s a Cali dude, so I can see how Dumbfounded would know him. Sounds likes hes been doing this for awhile, so he has a strong resume as an MC. Cool that he’s making money ghostwriting, but something about MC’s using ghostwriters is off, like Kendrick talks about in his song “King Kunta”. I think its alright for a hook, but your actual bars shouldn’t be ghostwritten. That man has a playful, serious, and a West coast chill personality to him. Haha its funny how he randomly brought a girl on with him, Sway was confused. She was getting her 5 minutes of shine there, lookin like a groupie or video girl. I love that Wu Tang beat. His flow is ridiculous because it has my head bobbin. Man is hyped and passionate. He threw a Bolo reference in there, he almost gets as many name drops as Bruce Lee. He does a good job of switching his flow. He is on point with catching the beat. He had Hip Hop and pop references thrown all over this freestyle. Haha a face like a yeti. You can tell how much he knows and loves Hip Hop. This is definitely a written, but it shows his skills and why hes a ghostwriter. He remembers what lines come after a line that someone referenced. Hopefully he comes out with album. He made it known and called out record companies that hes coming. “Whiter than Chris Kaman.” I know he was known as a Clipper, but it made me think of him because he was part of my hometown team, the Blazers

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